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Copper & Stainless Distillery Equipment

Distillery Design & Consulting

Our BoozeWerks Team has helped distilleries across the United States & around the world improve their product, processes, and profitability. Whatever your project needs are, our Team can work with you to create the perfect craft distillery in your community.

From business planning & forecasting, to raw material & equipment sourcing, and custom equipment design & facility planning, our craft distillery consulting services provide integrated solutions from industry experts.

Brewery Fermenters

Brewery Design & Consulting

You’ve got the next new World-Class beer recipe in your hands, but you need to get it to market. The Team at BoozeWerks can assist you in creating the business plan, picking out the location, designing the brewery, and getting you up and brewing!

The craft-brewing industry has been in steady growth the last 15 years, and we have the insights and knowledge to navigate the marketplace to get you positioned just right for your opening day.

Winery Tasting Room

Winery Design & Consulting

The growth of the urban winery scene has been strong the past few years – from Austin to Seattle, London to Cape Town, and Amsterdam to Australia – and the trend is still moving upwards.

Our Team can help you plan & build the next ‘Hot & Local’ wine spot in your community. From layout & production to ingredient sourcing & marketing, BoozeWerks will help you build the dream from a wish to a successful enterprise.

Distillery Consulting

Meet The Crew

At BoozeWerks Consulting, we strive to build the best craft breweries, distilleries & wineries
so that you can achieve your dreams as a master craftsman and bring the best products to market.

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