#06 – Stephen Gould – Golden Moon Distillery

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#06 – Stephen Gould – Golden Moon Distillery

BoozeWerks Podcast

Devin Mills talks with Stephen Gould, Founder & Head Distiller of Golden Moon Distillery, a facility that specializes in herbal liquors and other liqueurs.

Stephen & Devin talk all things gin, absinthe, historical recipes, and how palette development is so important to a distiller.

This is a great conversation that was recorded at the Golden Moon facility a number of weeks ago (and you will hear some background noise in certain sections).

Check out all the details below.

Golden Moon Distillery:

Website – https://goldenmoondistillery.com
Spirits List – https://goldenmoondistillery.com/ourspirits
Golden Moon Speakeasy – http://www.goldenmoonspeak.com/