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So, you’re ready to officially open your craft distillery. Now it’s time to talk about turning a profit. Unfortunately, having a great spirit doesn’t mean that it’ll sell. You need to make sure that you, in an efficient and compelling way, get the word out about your distillery – that means marketing.

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Step number one in digital marketing is creating a website. You’ve invested all this time and money into a business. Now, it needs to have representation on the most popular medium ever, the internet. Your website is where you get to personify your craft distillery and showcase the amazing vision, products, and spirit that your distillery embodies. Step number two in digital marketing for your craft distillery is releasing a press release. Write a simple 500-1,000 word release talking about your distillery’s journey to open, what your vision is, and give people a compelling reason to stop by. Whether you have budgeted for a big grand opening or not, find ways to make it a newsworthy event. You can send that press release to your local news publications, big distribution sites like PR Newswire, and industry-specific sites like Spirited.


Social media is one of the cheapest ways to market your business. But before you go out there and create a profile on every single social media site out there, first look at where other distillers are. In our experience, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best channels for craft distilleries to use. Some things that you can share include information about your team, the events you’re having, behind the curtain of your production floor, your products and labels, and even tips or tricks of the trade.


Remember that the boom in the craft industry is the higher value people are placing on products that aren’t mass produced. Shopping local isn’t just a tagline that American Express coined; it’s a serious movement that is gaining momentum and changing the way consumers buy. Find ways to tap into your local community through fairs and farmers’ markets. Look for ways to reach out to local reports who are willing to cover the opening of your new distillery.


Craft distilleries are finding many different ways to grow. Some are entering new markets (even international markets), others are creating new spirits. Finding ways to grow can even involve bringing in an outside perspective to evaluate your business and find new and innovative ways to grow. Our team has helped more than 30 craft distilleries across the US find and execute changes that boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability.



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