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Mark Quinnell

Business & Marketing

A born & raised Colorado native, Mark Quinnell brings a wide ranging knowledge base to BoozeWerks Consulting with his background in Marketing & Branding, Business, Digital Media, and the Alcohol Industry. After completing his undergrad degree from Colorado State, Mark worked in the Los Angeles/Hollywood TV & Film business for over 5 years on the technical & business sides of the industry before returning to Colorado to do marketing in the Ski Industry. Mark then completed an MBA from University of Colorado at Denver after taking another marketing position for a large retailer headquartered in the Denver area.

After pursuing a brewery business idea for a number of years, in 2015 Mark Quinnell finalized the business plan, raised the funding, designed and then built a microbrewery located along the front-range here in Colorado – opening to the public in 2016 – where he was the owner/brewer. Mark has since sold that business to another group, and now is adding his brewery experience, knowledge & insight to the team here at BoozeWerks.

Favorite Drinks-

Spirits: Whiskey/Whisky – particularly Rye and Scotch
Beer: ….Yes!
Wine: Malbecs & Prosecco